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  1. the junction of two rivers, especially rivers of approximately equal width.

"The Keeper of the Plains monument stands at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers"

2. an act or process of merging.

"a confluence of music and poetry"


convergence, meeting, junction


Jack was born in the heart of Ohio and reared on a strict diet of pop music and B-movies from which he happily rebelled.  Jack is a musician-turned-writer-turned-musician who endeavors to capture a little Literature in all his tunes.

He names a broad base of influences: folklore and folk music from Ireland to Appalachia, the lives of saints and fools, slapback tape echo, and a fascination with the misfortunes of human history.  Setting out regularly from his current home in Wichita, Kansas, Jack plays in pubs, cafes, private homes, and college and university campuses both West and East of the Mississippi.

The Jack Korbel Confluence is a rotating/ad hoc band of musicians that clothes the bones of Jack’s songs. Members often include Joshua Pickenpaugh (bass), Steve Hatfield (drums), Joshua Sturgill (harmony vocals & bodhran), and Randy Zellers (guitars). The band can be configured in many different lineups depending on venue size, budget, type of event, etc.


“With traditional and original tunes, lyrics that make you want to listen, learn, and read up a little, and a voice that can move from playful to haunting in an instant, The Jack Korbel Confluence delivers a riveting performance.”  

~Pages Books & Coffee, Newton, KS

“To hear Jack Korbel (or better yet, the Jack Korbel Confluence) play live is to be taken on a musical journey that, while definitely an escape, is an escape that hums with the authority of true life. His songs—part literature, part folk-pop-anthem, part social commentary, part love story, part ironic-gesture-to-an-ideal-past—resonate with everything we want from our singers: a soulful intensity that carries joy within its sadness; tunes that, dream-like, face the world as it is while believing in the world as it might be, and above all a generous invitation to follow, to feel for a time transported. You’re in the capable hands of an artist with a vision as unique as his sound.” 

~ John Estes, poet, author of Kingdom Come and Sure Extinction

“We call Jack ‘a poet with a guitar.’   His rich baritone voice, memorable folk-pop melodies, and thoughtful lyrics recall the craftsmanship of early Simon & Garfunkle or Gordon Lighfoot .  We’re proud to offer Jack’s music to a wide audience.  Enjoy!”    

~Eighth Day Books, Wichita, KS

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